‘Roentgenology and radiology herald’ is an official magazine of the Russian Association of Roentgenologists and Radiologists. It is the oldest professional print edition in Russia being released since 1920. It was one of the first milestones of the Russian radiology development. Now it’s dedicated to the science of ray diagnostics and therapy.

‘Roentgenology and radiology herald’ publishes materials about traditional x-ray diagnostics, x-ray computer imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and radio diagnostics, angiography and x-ray surgery.

The magazine’s authors write about the most contemporary questions of medical visualization in cardiology, neurology, oncology, skeleton and muscle diseases ray diagnostics, breath organs, gastrointestinal tract, pelvis. Science articles about radiobiology, dosimetry and radiation protection take a serious part of the materials as well. Problems of radiosurgery, endovascular diagnostic methods and treatment in different spheres of medicine.

‘Roentgenology and radiology herald’ is included to the list of periodical science printed magazines of Russia. It is published in Russian and English. The magazine is included in the list of crit science magazines of Russian Science Academy, and the most results of candidate and M.S dissertations. 

According to the Attestation Committee rules the printed magazine is directed to all central libraries, Russian book chamber, science institutes. Digital versions are placed in the Science e-lab.

The magazine is included in the list of Russian science academy crit journals and international quotation bases such as Sciverse Scopus, Index Medicus, Medline.

The chief editor is professor Eugeniy Tyurin